Guardian and Community Empowerment

As well as working with the young men in the locations within our jurisdiction, we also work with their guardians and parents (if they have any). All traceable parents or caregivers of the youth that we work with are encouraged to enrol in our mentorship and empowerment programs. They meet every two weeks for training on topics such as gender based violence, agriculture and micro finance. All guardians contribute towards their student’s education; this is done to keep the emphasis on the family rather than on an external organisation. Through mentorship groups, guardians are given the opportunity, and are encouraged, to save, so that they may open a small business or project. The Noah Initiative also provides small start-up projects for them once they have proved themselves willing and responsible. We provide projects such as chickens and ducks so that the families can become self-sufficient. We keep the emphasis on the parent so that they are driven to help their child succeed.

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