Youth Development and Sponsorship

The Noah Initiative identifies young men who are at a higher risk of entering negative behaviour or being a victim of crime. We look at a number of features such as household income, standard of living and parental responsibility. But, more than the negatives, we assess the young men on their achievements, their attitude and their motivation. We look for those who can, and will, be the future of the communities of which they part.
Once we have selected a young man who qualifies for our program, we assign them to a ‘hub’. A hub is a group of up to 25 youths, located in a specific geographical area. Each hub has a coordinator, a young man, who then becomes a role model to them.
We take the youths in our program on to either secondary school and then vocational training or apprenticeships. It is our aim, through education, mentorship and discipleship of these young men, to break the chains of poverty, crime and fatherlessness that have gripped a generation.

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