Why the name Noah?
In the Bible, when God told Noah to build an Ark in order to save himself and his family, God did not give him the Ark, he told him how to build it himself and gave him the equipment he needed to do it. This is how The Noah Initiative operates. We believe in helping people to help themselves. We provide people with the skills and knowledge they need in order to battle life’s storms. As the famous saying goes, “Give someone a fish and they will eat for a day, but teach someone how to fish and they will never be hungry again”.

Why just boys?
In a wider sense, The Noah Initiative does work with both boys and girls, men and women, through our Community and Guardian Empowerment and our Community Activism. The reason we only work with boys in our student sponsorship program is for two main reasons. Number one, there are many organizations in the world today looking after girls and providing opportunities for young children and women, but boys and young men were being missed. Number two, when you look at organizations today dealing with single mothers or children, you have to ask yourself ‘Why are the mother’s single and why are the children abandoned?’ More often than not, it is because a man left them. So, by working with young men who don’t have fathers, we provide good role models so they won’t make the same mistake their father did.

Is it a Christian organization?
The answer is always ‘yes and no’ depending on your definition of a ‘Christian Organization’. Yes, we are an organization that is run by Christians based on Christian beliefs obeying the commission to look after orphans and widows. However, a child or guardian does not have to be a Christian in order to benefit from The Noah Initiative and will not be treated less favourably if they confess to being an atheist or belong to any other religion.

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